ReSure Investor Accounts:

Customized Control QRP, 401(k) & IRA  + Integrated Tax & Investment Strategy

Achieve financial freedom & total self-determination • Get control of your retirement account money to invest on your terms • Create income from real estate, hard money loans, tax liens, merchant cash advance, private companies, precious metals and so much more

Do you want an account customized to your needs?

Are you an active investor?

Get a solution that’s customized for your investment strategy & financial goals. Learn to avoid common pitfalls that can get you on the wrong side of the IRS.

ReSure LLC Review J Rosell

“ReSure’s integrity and expertise is superb! There is no other company like them… ReSure is the only firm that gives you a totally customized SDIRA or QRP account set-up, along with detailed guidance for every step of the process… As a ReSure client, I attest that they know more about taxes, LLCs, and self-directed investing than any CPA or attorney that I’ve spoken too. ReSure is the only firm that gives you a totally customized SDIRA or QRP account set-up, along with detailed guidance for every step of the process.”

J Rosell

ReSure LLC Review Becky C: QRP & 401k

“ReSure LLC helped me rollover my 401K to a Solo 401K. It was a fast and easy process and when I needed help they were always just a phone call or email away with the answers. I would highly recommend ReSure LLC to anyone. Thank you Bernard for the personal help!”

Becky C.

ReSure LLC Review Bianca Perez

“Getting setup with a Self Directed 401k with ReSure and Bernard was simple and clear. ReSure was great at answering all my questions. A Self Directed 401k isn’t for everyone, but for those of you who are ready to take responsibility for your own growth and future, get setup with ReSure and you will not have any regrets.”

Bianca Perez

ReSure LLC Review Biana L

“ReSure helped me set up a Solo 401k account. The process was seamless and professional from start to finish. They were easy to contact and responded quickly via email and scheduled phone calls. They helped educate me on the process by answering all my questions. I am glad I chose ReSure and would recommend them without reservations.”

Biana L.

ReSure LLC Review Tosh H

“ReSure has been prompt with every questions I had before and after setting up my Checkbook IRA. Thank you for your amazing customer service!”

Tosh H.

ReSure LLC Reviews Dewayne C

“ReSure has really been patient with me as I have contacted them several times to get me started. Very appreciative to them for holding my hand and getting me through this.”

Dewayne C.

ReSure LLC Review Adam S

“ReSure was very informative and helpful in what I needed done. I highly recommend them. They are experts in what they do. ReSure communicates quickly and does a thorough job. They also charge less than others that I compared but do a better and more trustworthy job.”

Adam S.


“I have nothing but good thing to say about ReSure and their knowledge of setting up my Checkbook IRA. They walked me thru everything to expect and the dos-and-don’ts of having a Checkbook IRA and investing thru a Checkbook IRA. Compared to others, their price is very reasonable. Thanks ReSure.”

Fredrick J.

ReSure LLC Review Scott C S

“Thank you, ReSure, for all of your assistance and patience while setting up my Checkbook 401k plan and LLC. ReSure’s fees for this service were extremely reasonable, especially given the amount of extra time spent explaining specifics to me that before now I was not familiar with. Highly Recommended!!”

Scott S.

What makes us unique?

Unparalleled integrity & expertise. Getting control of your retirement account for “off-Wall Street” investments is exciting & rewarding, but you need to get an honest education from true tax experts.

What is our unique offer to you?

You need 4 things to achieve massive success with total control retirement accounts:

  1. Get your account structure optimally designed & implemented
  2. Get true expert guidance to invest without breaking IRS rules
  3. Advanced strategy to maximize your ROI based on your unique financial profile and investment strategy, and
  4. Integration with your overall tax profile.

ReSure is the only firm that has the depth of experience & expertise to deliver all 4.

What don't we offer?

We don’t offer one-size-fits-all set-up and boiler-plate documents – because that does not fit you.

  • You'll get expert insight to determine whether to use a ReSure IRA, QRP, or 401k based on your tax profile
  • Get help to determine whether you should create additional entities owned by the IRA, QRP, or 401k - such as an LLC, trust or C-corporation
  • Get help to determine in which of the 51 LLC domiciles to establish an LLC to be owned by your retirement account - based on  your investment strategy. We'll also consider asset-protection, anonymity, state fees and annual compliance requirements
  • We'll execute and implement the structure that you select, including QRPs and LLCs
  • You'll get expert education about the IRS rules that apply to these accounts - to keep your profits safe from the IRS
  • We'll help you optimize & integrate your account with your overall financial strategy so that you get the highest tax deductions and ROI

ReSure Active Investor Accounts

Provides everything you need for maximum success as an active investor in real estate, hard money lending, tax liens, and all other active investments

We know you've got questions, lots of them. Guess what? There are are many, many more questions that you should be asking  - and it's the questions that you don't even know to ask that are the most important!

Rest assured, at ReSure you'll get all the answers!

  • Checkbook QRP option
  • Checkbook 401k option
  • Solo 401(k) Plans
  • Checkbook IRA option
  • IRA-Owned LLC option
  • IRA-Owned Trust option
  • QRP/401k-Owned LLC option
  • IRA-Owned C-Corp option
  • QRP/401k-Owned C-corp option
  • Customized LLC domiciling
  • Full-service facilitation
  • Enhanced asset-protection
  • Guided plan selection process
  • Proprietary compliance assistance
  • Proprietary educational resources
  • Multi-tier entity option
  • Comprehensive financial strategy optimization
  • Advanced tax strategy
  • Roth QRP, Roth 401k, Roth SDIRA
  • Self-Directed SEP-IRA, SIMPLE IRA, HSA

We know what it takes to empower you with the knowledge & tools to achieve your self-directed financial goals.

For your success, you need systems and strategies that are tailored to your goals. When it comes to financial, legal, and tax strategy never accept a one-size-fits-all program.

There are hundreds of strategies and our experience has deeply ingrained in us that to serve you with integrity and position you for success, we must identify the approach that fits you best.

ReSure helps you with every form of Self-Directed & Checkbook Control SDIRA, QRP, & 401(k) - so you can be confident that we'll implement the plan design that's in your best interest.

What will you get? ReSure Active Investor Accounts

We've learned that self-directed investors need customization and have developed a unique approach to deliver exactly what you need.

If you're self-directing as an active investor by creating your own investment opportunities, you'll maximize your ROI through a plan structure customized for you considering your investment & tax strategy. The difference between getting it optimized and getting it wrong can potentially be worth $100,000's+.

The IRS rules governing self-directed retirement accounts are way more complex than service-providers want you to know. They want to sell you on an account set-up and move on. At ReSure, we want you to succeed and will educate you about the IRS rules, while helping you avoid IRS pitfalls that nobody else will tell you about.

What you won't get? ReSure Active Investor Accounts

You won't get a set of "boiler-plate" documents accompanied by hype and marketing buzz.

Remember: These are tax structures, governed by complex tax law, that enable you to execute advanced tax strategies - so be sure you're working with a firm that has the experience & credentials to help you succeed. ReSure is led by CPA credentialed and nationally recognized experts in self-directed investing.

One-time $1,499 set-up + $397/year