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Checkbook IRAs, Checkbook Solo 401(k)s, Checkbook Defined Benefit Plans, & Checkbook Life Insurance: Self Directed Retirement Plans That Put YOU In Control

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Testimonials & Reviews

“Thank you, ReSure, for all of your assistance and patience while setting up my Checkbook 401k plan and LLC. ReSure’s fees for this service were extremely reasonable, especially given the amount of extra time spent explaining specifics to me that before now I was not familiar with. Highly Recommended!!”

Scott S.

“I have nothing but good thing to say about ReSure and their knowledge of setting up my Checkbook IRA. They walked me thru everything to expect and the dos-and-don’ts of having a Checkbook IRA and investing thru a Checkbook IRA. Compared to others, their price is very reasonable. Thanks ReSure.”

Fredrick J.

“ReSure has really been patient with me as I have contacted them several times to get me started. Very appreciative to them for holding my hand and getting me through this.”

Dewayne C.

“ReSure was very informative and helpful in what I needed done. I highly recommend them. They are experts in what they do. ReSure communicates quickly and does a thorough job. They also charge less than others that I compared but do a better and more trustworthy job.”

Adam S.

“ReSure LLC helped me rollover my 401K to a Solo 401K. It was a fast and easy process and when I needed help they were always just a phone call or email away with the answers. I would highly recommend ReSure LLC to anyone. Thank you Bernard for the personal help!”

Becky C.

“ReSure has been prompt with every questions I had before and after setting up my Checkbook IRA. Thank you for your amazing customer service!”

Tosh H.

“ReSure helped me set up a Solo 401k account. The process was seamless and professional from start to finish. They were easy to contact and responded quickly via email and scheduled phone calls. They helped educate me on the process by answering all my questions. I am glad I chose ReSure and would recommend them without reservations.”

Biana L.

“Getting setup with a Self Directed 401k with ReSure and Bernard was simple and clear. ReSure was great at answering all my questions. A Self Directed 401k isn’t for everyone, but for those of you who are ready to take responsibility for your own growth and future, get setup with ReSure and you will not have any regrets.”

Bianca Perez

Ideal for anybody that has earned income or accumulated retirement funds in other accounts

  • Simple & Cost-effective
  • Broad Eligibility
  • Alternative Investments
  • Rollovers & Transfers
  • Traditional & Roth IRAs
  • Tax Deductions & Deferrals
  • Roth IRA Tax-free Growth
  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Protection

Ideal for those with any form of self-employment income and don't have full-time employees

  • Simple & Cost-effective
  • High Tax Deductions
  • Salary Deferrals
  • Profit Sharing
  • Roth Subaccount
  • Loan Feature
  • Pre-Tax Life Insurance
  • No Real Estate UDFI
  • Rollovers & Transfers
  • Alternative Investments
  • Asset Protection

Ideal for those looking to make the highest tax-deductible contributions to a retirement plan

  • Highest Tax-Deductions
  • Alternative Investments
  • Loan Feature
  • Combinable with a 401(k)
  • Rapidly Accumulate Funds
  • No Real Estate UDFI
  • Pre-tax Life Insurance
  • Flexible Plan Designs
  • Asset Protection

Ideal for those that want tax-free growth beyond the limits of IRAs & Qualified Plans

  • Unlimited Contributions
  • Alternative Investments
  • Tax-Free Loans
  • Tax-Free Internal Growth
  • Rapidly Accumulate Funds
  • No Prohibited Transactions
  • Complete Liquididty
  • Death Benefit
  • Asset Protection


Integration with your financial plan
Comprehensive learning resources
Ongoing support and consulting

We craft retirement plans that enhance your current and future finances,
while giving you complete control over investment selection.


What are Checkbook-Control Retirement Accounts?

Checkbook-control retirement accounts enable you to directly control your retirement funds using a bank checking account. This access to your investable assets provides liquidity and enables you to pursue a variety of investment strategies – that are unavailable in a traditional account – on a tax favored basis. Learn more about self-directed retirement accounts.

Why haven’t I heard about checkbook retirement plans before? Why hasn’t my CPA or financial planner recommended checkbook retirement plans?

While there are a variety of contributing factors, the root cause lies in the fact that retirement plans have been administered by large broker-dealers whose revenues are derived from stocks, bonds, and other exchange traded securities. Therefore, those firms, and hence all their registered representatives, have reason to restrict participants in their plans to investments that are profitable for them and easily administered by them. Learn more about retirement plan rules.

What are some examples of investments and asset classes that are available to checkbook retirement accounts?

Examples of permissible investments are real estate, tax liens, private lending, merchant cash advance, asset-based loans, private equity, consumer lending, and litigation finance. Examples of prohibited assets are collectibles, which includes art, rugs, antiques, metals, gems, stamps, most coins, and alcoholic beverages. Learn more about alternative investments.

What are prohibited transactions and how do those impact checkbook retirement accounts? What are some examples of prohibited transactions?

While the tax code allows retirement accounts to invest in nearly all asset classes, it does prohibit certain transactions. Broadly speaking, the prohibited transaction rules prevent individuals from deriving benefit from their retirement funds prior to distribution. Disqualified persons and entities include the plan owner, members of the plan owners family (spouse, ancestors, lineal descendants and their spouses), any person providing services to the plan, any entity in which the plan owner owns (either directly or indirectly) 50% or more, and any officer, director, 10% or more shareholder, or highly compensated employee of the 50% or more owned entity described above. Learn more about prohibited transactions.

What is UBIT? What are UBTI and UDFI?

Unrelated business income tax (“UBIT”) is an income tax levied on tax-exempt entities that engage in an active business that is not related to the entities tax exempt purpose. Unrelated business taxable income (“UBTI”) is income that is subject to UBIT. Unrelated debt-financed income (“UDFI”) is a form of UBTI that is the result of a tax exempt entity using borrowed funds to finance an investment. Retirement plans, as tax exempt entities, are subject to UBIT. An important distinction between IRAs and Qualified Plans (401k plans and Defined Benefit Plans), is that Qualified Plans do not have UDFI when investing in leveraged real-estate transactions. Learn more about UBIT, UBTI, and UDFI.