About Us

ReSure LLC was founded and is currently managed by a CPA with extensive experience in the alternative investment industry. Our founder, Bernard Reisz,  has analyzed alternative investments for both institutional and personal investors. He has advised on alternative risk financing strategies, advanced taxation issues, and the use of captive insurance to large middle-market firms.

We are committed to empowering self-directed investors to take control of their finances and  invest in accordance with their individual style. Leveraging tax advantaged vehicles, such as SDIRAs & Solo 401(k)s, can be an integral part of a financial strategy that puts the investor at the center.


We facilitate and consult on the formation of a range of self-directed tax-advantaged retirement accounts. There are several factors to consider when choosing  a plan and determining the ideal structure. There’s more than one way to self-direct and we’ll help you select the approach that suits your needs.

ReSure LLC Mission Statement

ReSure LLC’s mission is to continuously educate ourselves, our clients, and the public about Self-Directed and CheckBook Retirement Plans and the benefits they make available to motivated investors. We aim to be impartial in each interaction and always put our clients’ interest first.

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